Doom 3

deep caves of mars

This is a Map submitted by Misto for Doom 3.

deep caves of mars

deep caves of mars Map screenshot

Deep Caves of Mars (beta 1)

Author: Alex Jeffrey Stupid Fat Zombie Email:

Time to built mod: 5 weeks. About 25 hours per week.

System requires: for Best Quality P4 3.0Ghz or AMD XP 3000+ 512 MB DDR Geforce FX Ultra or higher ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or higher

Instructions: Copy DCMbeta1 A,B,C,D,E.pk4 and paste into C:\Doom 3\Base folder Run Doom 3 and bring down Console by Ctrl + Alt + ~ Type “Maps dcm\dcm1” to run maps

If doesn’t work run the map and try this solutions: Rename DCMbeta1.pk4 into and copy maps folder and paste into C:\doom 3\base folder worth 140 MB of this files and run Doom 3 and bring down Console by Ctrl + Alt + ~ then type “Maps dcm\dcm1” to run maps

If some maps don’t work try use follow below lists of maps for skip maps

Maps List:

DCM1 – Entrance DCM2 - Under hall DCM3a - Central Venerations System DCM3b DCM4a - Underground of Mars city DCM4b DCM5 - Cargo yard (under constructed – will release map on v1.0) DCM6a - Mystic caves – Beautiful caves landscape but very evil. DCM6b DCM7 - Return to Doom Caves – More difficult and much many monsters. DCM8 - Temple Of Ancient – Final boss.

Any problems let me to know commando_45 AT hotmail DOT com or on MSN or email doomday AT tpg DOT com DOT au.


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    • I have updated this Doom 3 sp map + mod 'Deep Caves of Mars' and fixed many bugs, now is playable all the maps, soon i upload here... :D
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